How do you Print from Pinterest?

How To Print From Pinterest? Complete Guide 2021

You always see those fascinating images or photos on Pinterest and want to print your favorite boards, but you’re confused with the process. If that's your problem, then today it's going to be resolved. We will go to a complete method with you all on how to print pictures from Pinterest and save them into pc or from the Pinterest app.

Pinterest has a huge collection of eye-catching images; it has pictures that everyone loves and pictures that put a smile on your face. Pinterest is an interesting and exciting platform if you know how it works; it has endless opportunities for everyone.

Today’s article is all about how to print a Pinterest board, print them on PC or print from the Pinterest app, etc. So let’s get straight to our topic.

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How to Print From Pinterest

Here is a complete explanatory guide for all of you, and we have to make sure that you will find your answer to every question related to printing pictures on Pinterest very easily and in detail. At first, we are going to discuss how to print a Pinterest board on PC.

  • Open Mozilla Firefox or any browser you have on your PC
  • Go to the Pinterest website.
  • Visit the website and open the board you are willing to print.
  • On the Pinterest website page, right-click on the blank spot.
  • Be careful while clicking; you are learning how to print your Pinterest boards, not just a few
  • To right-click, utilize the white space present between the board title and description and save
    the Pinterest board.
  • Click on the " Save As" an option that appears.
  • For easy navigation, save your Pinterest board in a distinct folder.
  • The best option is to save pictures on your PC's desktop. You can name it a Pinterest folder and
    it will contain all the files you download from Pinterest.
  • Next, open that Pinterest folder.
  • While holding the ctrl key and left-click on the picture you are willing to print.
  • Then, right-click on the images one at a time.
  • Select print.
  • Select the layout (How many images would you like to display on each page).
  • Next select “Print” to start printing.

Pinterest Downloader Online

By following this method, you can successfully print a Pinterest board on your PC. This method saves you from extracting the board to PDF and printing it.

When you export the board to PDF, not only the pictures but also the text under the images is also printed along with the pictures, and it all looks like a mess.

Next we’re going to discuss how you can print pictures from pinterest as a MAC user. Let’s head over to the topic.

How to Print From Pinterest for Mac User

Mac users should also follow the same steps mentioned above. The process for MAC users is quite the same as windows but for more clearance, we have listed out all the steps for you.

Open Firefox or any browser and repeat the process as above.

  • Go to the Pinterest folder you have created.
  • Please select all the images in the folder and double click on them.
  • Then Go to View, and In view go to Contact Sheet.
  • Drag the images around and place them in the order you want.
  • Go to the File and click on “Print.&quot.
  • Choose Scale to fit option.

Switch from Preview to Layout.

Once you’ve reviewed your work, you can print it out.

How to print images From Pinterest App

How to print pictures From Pinterest App for iOS Users

  • Keep your iOS device, and your printer connected to the same Wi-Fi network and make sure
    they both are within range.
  • Check if Airprint is supported by your printer.
  • Next, open the application you want to get your print from.
  • All apps don’t support AirPrint; check your app’s print option by clicking on three dots or the app
    share icon. If you still don’t find it check the User Guide or Help section of the app.
  • Once you find the print icon or Print, Click on it.
  • When you tap on Select Printer, choose an AirPrint-enabled printer.
  • Customize the options like separate pages or the number of copies you want on each page.
  • Click on the Print option found in the upper-right corner.

Apple officially advises this method to print from a Pinterest app on all Apple devices. Make sure to use
Air Print enabled printer and app; otherwise, you will not be able to print.

How to Print From Pinterest app for Android users

  • Click on the three stacked dots menu button while viewing the Pinterest webpage with the images you are willing to print. The menu button appearance depends on your browser, and it might look different.
  • Click on Print.
  • Find and click on the drop-down arrow located near the top of your screen.
  • Select the printer you’re willing to get your print from.
  • After selection, click on the print button (the printer icon) to start printing.

Android officially advises this method to print from a Pinterest app on all android devices. Make sure to have the Google cloud print app installed on your device; otherwise, you will not be able to print. For more info, visit Android Central to get an in-depth explanation of the complete process.

Open each picture you want to print in a new tab of your browser if you want the high-resolution printed images. You can fix your image with a photo editing tool if the printed image is not in your desired resolution because sometimes the image has a bad quality by default, so the Pinterest platform
can’t fix it.

Final Words

Pinterest has a great collection of pictures on its platform, and it's helpful to know how to get your desired image printed from Pinterest.
We tried to elaborate each and every method for different types of devices and situations so you can print your image easily from Pinterest. Now let's head towards Pinterest to get your favorite boards