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How to Accept Group Board Invitations on Pinterest

Pinterest group boards give you the opportunity to collaborate with other Pinterest users along a common theme. You can enjoy a lot of advantages by sharing group boards like:

  • Promote Stuff
  • Work Together on a collaborative project
  • Interact with same Interest People

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You can collaborate for stuff like sharing an article that is offering information related to a particular industry. Or you can share the content to raise funds or donate etc. And it’s always great to find people that share the same interest as yours.

You will find a lot of group boards to join on Pinterest, and in this article, we will share a simple and easy method explaining how you can accept group board invite on Pinterest.No matter which device you use to access Pinterest, you can do it by following the method below.

  • You will receive an email from Pinterest that will let you know about the invitation you received for group collaboration. The Email contains an announcement something like this:

“You’ve been invited to contribute on (this) board.”

You’ll find a bright big red button below it to accept the invitation. You’ll be directed to that specific board where you are invited by clicking on that red button.

  • Log in to your Pinterest account and access the group board (the one which you were asked to join) by clicking on it.
  • In the next step, click on “Accept” to accept the board invitation. Once you accept it, the board will be added to your profile.

Reasons you’re not receiving an email from Pinterest

Most of the time, it happens that you don’t receive the Email and the common reason behind this situation is that you may have moved your Pinterest notifications to a spam folder. Other reasons include main email account is different from the Email Pinterest has on file. These situations will inhibit you from getting the notification.

What If I don’t get the Email?

If you don’t get an email from Pinterest, you can try the options we’re sharing below:

First Option:

Directly, go to the group board. You’ll see an invitation notification at the top of the page if you’ve been invited to the group. This is the simplest option you can utilize. Accept the invite from notification, and you’re done.

Second option:

Go to your Pinterest messages. You’ll see a message in your inbox with an invitation to accept. It may happen that you find this invitation message in the filtered messages box. So make sure to check your filtered messages if you don’t get them in your messages.

Last Option:

The last thing which you can try is to give Pinterest a little time to get a refresh. Contact your coordinator again to double-check.

Hopefully, these methods will get you fully accepted into the group board!

Things You Need to Know:

  1. Once you have accepted the invite, you can start pinning on that board.
  2. For accepting secret group board invitations, make sure to log in to your Pinterest account using a web browser. You will not find this option on apps.
  3. Before joining, make sure to check the group board you’re invited to stuff like who is pinning and pins there.
  4. Remember that you always have the option to ignore the invitation or leave the group board.

How to Join (Common Questions):

The most common question people ask about Pinterest group joining is, “What is my Pinterest username?

It’s not a stupid question to ask that happens to most people, and it is hard to find your username sometimes. Your Pinterest username is built into your profile URL. You can open your personal profile and check the URL to get your username if you have any doubts. You will also find it in the page title; it depends on which browser are you using.
Your username is needed because people will use it to add you to a group board.

The people you’re following can easily use your username to add you to group boards. But sometimes, it’s impossible for even the followers to get your username as Pinterest is kind of moody. In this situation, they can add your Email directly if they have it.

Now we’ve explained all the things you might need to know while accepting the group board invitation on Pinterest. In case if we’ve missed any of it, you can let us know in the comment section; also, do let us know if you have any questions in your mind, and we’ll get back to you.