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Free online mp3 tag editor
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Edit your Mp3 Tags like a pro. pintodown is one simple editor that allows you to edit mp3 tags, change your album cover or add photos to your music for free.

You can do all this by just uploading your MP3 file and proceeding to customize the id3 tags, edit your audio’s metadata, and more. You don’t have to download third-party music tagging software to edit your mp3 or id3 tags, as you can do all this with one click.

Pintodown is a free platform to change your music tags, album arts and ID3 (ID3v1, ID3v2), etc. It is an easy to use id3 tag editor which automatically detects id3v1 and id3v2 versions and even auto updates it to id3v2 if the uploaded file is in id3v1 format. Id3v2 is more detailed and allows you to enter album art, title, genre, album, comments, release year, and more.

Tag MP3 Editor Features:

You can easily:

  1. Change the Album Art
  2. Change ID3 tags
  3. Edit Mp3 metadata
  4. Add Photo in Mp3 song and more.

What makes pintodown stand out from other mp3 editors because it works on every platform. It doesn’t matter if you are a windows user, mac user, iPhone user, or android user; it will work for you. You need an internet browser to open the website pintodown, and you can instantly change your music tags.

You can either upload a single file or multiple files at once. To upload multiple files, you have to press and hold the <Shift> or <Ctrl> key, or you can also drag and drop the files using your mouse.

You can upload single or multiple files. To select multiple files, you can press and hold. So, pintodown is the best music tagging software that can be used to edit mp3 files.

How to Use Pintodown MP3 TAG Editor?


Step 1:

Search for tagmp3 or Go to pintodown to open the tool in your browser. Below is the step by step guide on how to use pintodown:

Step 2:

Next, you have to upload the file. Click on the Choose File button to browse the files and add one. You can also drag and drop the file or copy-paste the URL

Step 3:

When you upload the file, the music tag editor will add the metadata found on the internet to your file. You can verify the information and also update it if required.

Step 4:

Once the data is finalized, click the ‘Generate New File’ button, redirecting you to the download page.

Step 5:

Download the file, and you’re done.

Supported File Types:

Pintodown support all types of audio/video formats, including mp3, m4a, amr, 3gp, WMA, wav, Ogg, 3gp, aac, FLAC, ogv, 3gpp, AIFF, WebM, mov, ts, and more. You can also suggest any other formats if you have any in mind; just leave us a comment we will try to add them as soon as possible.


  1. How to add album art to your mp3 file?

To add album art to your mp3 file, go to the pintodown website, and upload your mp3 file. Next, the website will ask you to upload the album art that you want to add to your mp3 file. Once done, you can simply download your updated mp3 file with added album art.

  1. How can I change album art on Android or iPhone?

It’s a simple and easy process. All you have to do is to upload your mp3 audio on the pintodown website. You can change the album art in the next step. Once done, you can download the file. The website is compatible with all kinds of devices, including Android, Windows, Mac, iPhone, Linux, etc.

  1. Can you edit the iPhone album artwork?

Yes, with pintodown, you can edit album artwork even on your IOS device. To edit the album artwork on iPhone:

  1. Go to pintodown on the safari browser.
  2. Upload your mp3 file.
  3. Edit the album Artwork. (Upload your desired cover image).
  4. Download the updated file.
  5. How to add a thumbnail to a song?

Use any id3 tag editor to add a thumbnail to your song. Or go to the pintodown website, and upload the mp3 song to which you want to add the thumbnail. Upload the thumbnail you want to add to your mp3 file. Once uploaded, you can download the file with a thumbnail added to your file.

  1. What are ID3 tags?

ID3 tags contain metadata about the file. These tags are embedded in a media file, usually an mp3 file/ audio file, and store all important information about the file. These tags usually contain information about the Track title, Album Name, Artist Name, Genre, Cover art, Release date and lyrics, etc.

  1. Are all ID3 tags the same?

No, there are two different versions of id3 metadata tags available. One is ID3v1, and another one is ID3v2. ID3v1 is newer than ID3v2. Pintodown work on both type of tags and automatically save the tags in ID3v2 format.

  1. Why is pintodown the best music tag editor?

Pintodown is the best music tag editor that you will ever find; it allows you to edit different types of music. Tagmp3 converts different media types to mp3 and inserts id3v2 tags. You can work with any type of file, whether it’s a video or audio. You can also add cover art and customize file information with this world class tag editor.


Tag MP3 is a pretty handy tool for music producers and anyone into music. With this editor, you can produce music for movies, tv, game, or any other genre. Upload your music and make your own id3 tags. Change existing images, insert pictures into mp3 files, and update all other song information by uploading your music files with pintodown for free.