How To Use Pinterest For Beginners in 2023?

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How To Use Pinterest For Beginners

Pinterest is one of the most popular social media services for discovering new ideas. Pinterest is a mobile app and website that is used for creating and finding digital scrapbooks. Pinterest gives ideas to parents having fun with them, and teachers may find stuff about education, creative minds to explore their creativity.

If you are a business owner, then expansion of it via Pinterest may be grateful. But many of you are not on Pinterest, or maybe you made an account, not using it for the sake of what to do. So I am sharing here some useful tips on how to use Pinterest for beginners.

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Reasons to use Pinterest:

What is the reason to use Pinterest? Although there are many social media sites in which people consume much more time. So, the purpose of using Pinterest should be something exciting or amazing that attracts people. So, here we discuss some of the reasons that urge people to use Pinterest. 

  • Many people use Pinterest to store ideas, crafts, recipes, and anything they see on Pinterest for later use. It is the same as people visiting an online store and like something and pin it that helps to return whenever they want. What if you are looking for some food recipes? Pin the recipe of your interest, get the idea, and it will help you.
  • Pinterest works best when it comes to sharing. You can share your content as well as other people’s content. Sharing others content is considered one of the great marketing strategy and Pinterest promotes it. Your followers can see what you are pinning, and it is great to expand your idea. 
  • As you know, people always search for something new, exciting, and amazing. Pinterest helps you to find out new ideas. You can see what other people are pinning. In this way, you can discover new ideas and proceed with them. For example, Pinterest gives you thousands of popular, relevant, and useful ideas if you want to try a new recipe, home decorating ideas or new fashion style. 

Make an account on Pinterest:

First, go to Google browser and search for the Pinterest official site. Next, click on the site and tap on the join account option. Then, join the site by using the email address, Facebook, or Twitter. 

Once you have an account, you can follow or find someone. You can pin the content, and it will show on your Pinterest page. When you log in to Pinterest, all the pins show in chronological order of the people whom you are following.

You can also find your friends by going to your name in the right upper corner and then tap on find friends options. It is an easy way to follow people from Facebook or Gmail. 

You can add a pin it button to the web page of Pinterest that is an amazing tool. By installing it, you can pin the content from the source. 


Pinterest allows you to share your vision. The boards you create and fill with pins tell the customer about the brand identity and image. To create pin boards, go to your name in the upper right corner and select boards. Scroll down the key, and you see an option to create a board.

With the help of creating a board, people share their ideas and thoughts, and it will help create a strong digital community. 

create pin boards on pinterest


Repins make your things discoverable and appear on the follower’s page. It will last long on the page due to repining. But not repin everything, because the boards will go out of control quickly.

To repin, hold the mouse over the image and the little buttons pop up and select the repin option.


As you all know, Pinterest is fit for brands and businesses and easy to use. You can unfollow the boards in which you are not interested.

Do not be afraid to do it because if you unfollow a specific board, you can see the other boards of that person.


 Pinterest can be used as a searching tool. You can search for anything by typing on the search bar in the upper left corner. You get a lot of ideas and go with what you are considering feasible for you. 


search pins on pinterest


Update your account to your business profile to gain access to the shop tab. In this way, you can sell your products and estimate your pins’ success by impression, saves, and click. 

If you are working as an online shop, apply for a Pinterest verified merchant program. This confirms to your audience that you are a vetted brand. So, your pins will be seen by people who are looking for a product.