How do you Print from Pinterest?

Whenever I make a Google image search, it is ruined by Pinterest. Is there any way that I can kick those Pinterest results out? If this is your problem, don’t worry; today, it will be resolved.

We all know Pinterest is a great and popular platform to find image or picture-formatted informational content. But despite its popularity, it isn’t very pleasant to get your search results completely overcome by Pinterest. You may hardly find something you were exactly looking for.

You get no context and duplicate search results. Just before Pinterest, Tumblr was also doing the same. Or you can be someone who never used Pinterest and not willing to do so in the future. Anyways, it is going to be out of your search results. Just stick to this article, and your problem will vanish away.

Let’s see how we can remove Pinterest from Google search to avoid it.

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Method to remove Pinterest from Google search:

The methods we’re going to share will successfully exclude Pinterest from your Google search results. There is a total of four methods we are going to share with you guys. Each of them is mentioned separately. You can utilize whichever you find easy.

Method 1: Through Pinterest App

  1. The first step is to Open the Pinterest App on your device.
  2. While you’re in the app, go to Pinterest settings. You can get help from the screenshots below for reference.
  3. In settings, Tap on Privacy & data.
  4. Within the Privacy and data tab, you will find the Search engine privacy option at the top. Enable that option, and now Pinterest is simply excluded from not only Google search results but whichever search engine you’re using.

Method 2: Through the Pinterest website

The steps for excluding Pinterest from the website is the same as the Pinterest app.

  1. Open the Pinterest website on your device.
  2. Go t settings and find Privacy and data.
  3. In Privacy and data, enable the search engine privacy option, and it’s done.

Method 3: Unpinterested

You know you can remove Pinterest from your Google search results permanently. Yes, you heard it right, and all this can be done with a free tool named “Unpinterested”. This is basically a clever chrome extension, and as the name specify it’s going to remove Pinterest from your Google search results. Download the extension and enable it to save yourself from getting Pinterested.

Method 4: Use the Prefix

The last method here is quite tricky, but you can utilize it if you don’t want to deal with the extensions. But don’t get frightened; it’s not that hard, but it’s repetitive; you have to do it every time you use the website. Let’s see what the method is:

  1. In the chrome search bar, enter the site you want to block.
  2. Add the “else” prefix before the site name. Make sure you write the prefix in quotation marks.
  3. And your Pinterest is excluded. Enjoy!

Which Method Should I Utilize?

We’ve shared 4 different methods with you. You can use whichever you find easy or comfortable. The 4th method might seem difficult and time-consuming as it is repetitive, but one advantage of this method is not limited to Pinterest. You can apply it to all the websites.

Other Ways:

There are also many other ways to exclude Pinterest from Google search Permanently, like adjusting the search console. But you’ll have to have more detailed technical knowledge for it. The methods mentioned above are the simplest and most effective.

You can easily download the extension for free. All you need to utilize these methods is an active internet connection and a Google website.

Final Words:

I hope this article will help you remove Pinterest from your Google search, and now you can freely surf the web without worrying about excessive Pinterest results tangling your search results. If you have any questions or concerns related to this article or you want to share your method, please comment in the comment section below. We would love to hear from you and assist you.